Our Noodle

At Konjiki we have uncompromising standards in preparing each single bowl of ramen, in every single step. Our noodle is made from carefully chosen flour & ingredients, and finishes by specific machinery imported from Japan.

Our Soup

The soup base we have at Konjiki is a complex and yet harmonizing flavour you will unmistakably recognize once you take your first sip. The full-bodied clam, chicken and pork base finds its seamless balance between the sweetness & freshness of poultry and seafood, plus the secret recipe created by Chef Yamamoto – our soup will be one of the unforgettable ones.

Our Ingredients

Integrating new and innovative ingredients such as Truffles and Porcini Mushroom oil into our ramen, Konjiki strives to continuously enhance one of Japan’s most traditional fare with new, unique and fresh elements found locally in Canada. Visit us regularly to see what we may bring in new to the menu.